Palairos, Aitoloakarnia, 30 012 Greece

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About Us

Our story

About us

In the year 1996 when “Dionysos” restaurant was first opened the idea of palairos-vacations was born.
In summer 1996 the restaurant “Dionysos” was first opened in times when Palairos was still an unknown spot on touristic maps and guides. The family-owned business was established by Gerassimos and his german wife Sylvia after their return to Palairos with their three sons.
They had spent several years in Hannover, Germany where they carefully planned the foundations of a touristic enterprise in Palairos.
After establishing the restaurant “Dionysos” in 1996, the next step of our mission followed with the building of “Marina Apartments” in the year 2001 and afterwards, ten years later we completed another apartment complex “Village Apartments” in 2010. As completion of our enterprise we opened our Café-Cocktail Bar “Why Not ?” in 2015 and added the entertainment sector to the existing gastronomy and hotel business.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer a well-balanced, pleasant environment with friendly character and familiar atmosphere so as to meet all your needs during your holidays.

Our philosophy

Our goal is the complete coverage of all services with a thorough quality management for our customers in the touristic sectors of gastronomy, accommodation and last but not least the entertainment sector.
An important role within our philosophy is strengthening the area of Palairos as touristic destination within the Ionian region as it is still is a virgin and unspoilt place.